Leadership Team

The senior leadership team at Uplifting Service is dedicated to helping you build an uplifting service culture and a sustainable competitive advantage. Read more about each member below.

Ron Kaufman | The Coach

Ron is pure energy. If you are fortunate enough to see Ron in action, he will remind you of the coach on the sidelines of a football game. Initiation, engagement, action, strategy, motion, intention, completion, effort. Ron sees an opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve – and he pounces on it. He is the visionary behind Uplifting Service, but that isn’t where it ends. Ron is actively involved in developing the organization – and especially in enabling the success of our clients. If this isn’t daunting enough, Ron has published 14 books,  including his most recent New York Times bestseller Uplifting Service. Ron is action personified, and whether on the road, on stage, in the office, or spending time with his family, Ron is energized. He lights up the room… and the organization.

Jen Kaufman | The Artist

Jen is our artist. Uplifting Service events, products, and Ron’s schedule are her canvas. Have ever looked at an oil painting, and seen how many layers, colors, textures, and depths it takes to create a finished piece of work? This is what Jen does so well. When Jen is involved, not a detail is overlooked. She is a master at making sure that everything is properly handled, and that everyone gets what they need, when and where they need it. Jen, aka Mrs. Ron Kaufman, is a dedicated Mom to Ron’s daughter Brighten, an avid scuba diver and certified instructor, and loves yoga and running.

Jeff Eilertsen | The Mechanic

If you want to know what makes Uplifting Service “tick” or how a process runs within our organization, not only will Jeff know… he will have been the likely one to put the process in place! Jeff is a master when it comes to understanding how to get things done. Have you ever seen an entire company put into a flow chart of the “who-s”, “when-s”, how-s” and why-s”? Jeff has, because he built it! From Human Resources to product delivery, he knows how it is done. Jeff is also a certified Uplifting Service Course leader, and will be seen by many of our clients in a teaching role…. Jeff is a culture seeker, enjoying life in Singapore, the US and anywhere else in the world he can travel and meet people.

Wong Lai Chun | The Tour Guide

Have you ever been on a city tour, and had a really fabulous tour guide? A terrific tour guide knows all the details of the course, interesting facts and tidbits to make the trip fun, and how to control the crowd to maintain constructive order from what could otherwise easily become chaos. A great tour guide teaches you, and at the same time makes the learning fun. Not only did you have a great time, but you remembered every detail. That is Wong Lai Chun, our Global Master Trainer and a true master instructor. She knows every learning point in our Uplifting Service courses and customizations – because she helped develop them every step of the way! Lai Chun’s methods for teaching adults captivate a room like no one else. No wonder that she is also a successful wife, mother, and an emergency response counselor.

Shyam Kumar | The Engineer

Shyam is our Senior Consultant and is truly a World Class Engineer. His formal education is engineering, and he uses this problem-solving approach to help architect and implement service culture into the daily operations of our largest and most prestigious clients. Shyam builds roads to the future by building implementation roadmaps that lead the way to service excellence! When Shyam is working with a client, he learns every aspect of the business, the people, the customers, the competition and the issues. He knows how to get the job done. Shyam recently relocated from his native India for a life in Singapore, and what an adventure his life has been. He is a lifelong scholar, ever pursuing higher education, deeper learning, and personal enrichment.

Mitchel Quek | The Composer

Every piece of music is created by a composer. The instruments all playing harmoniously together, the notes blended in perfect order to create a masterpiece. Mitch is our composer. She listens for the needs of the team and works with sales, marketing, book distribution, web initiatives, social media, and events to create the perfect blend of activity and results. Mitch is the image of uplifting music; peaceful, yet playful, always happy, and at ease in an often fast paced environment. Mitch is an avid learner. She plays many roles and works with many instruments on the Uplifting Service team.

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