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HR Changing Role in Driving the Customer Experience Webinar

Customers crave exceptional service. It’s what keeps them coming back and spending more. Yet this level of service doesn’t just happen. It must flow naturally from a service-focused culture—which, in turn, flows from the mindset of its people.

Who is in the best position to shape that mindset, nurture that culture, and ultimately drive growth and generate revenue? The department that hires talent, trains employees, and manages professional development, of course.

In the HR’s Changing Role in Driving the Customer Experience webinar, Ron Kaufman helped HR leaders break out of their “internal agent” role and take their rightful place in your company’s quest to attract and keep profitable customers.

You’ll learn best practices you can use right now to give your company an edge—and to grow and secure your own influence at the decision-making table.

LUX* in “Serving to Win” Webinar Series

In early 2011, LUX* Resorts & Hotels (formerly known as Naiade Resorts) was in trouble – accumulated heavy losses, high expenditures and costs, unable to meet commitments.

Three years later LUX* has rebounded with a five-star luxury brand, a global reputation for shining service, growing profits, high occupancy rates and room rates, and enviable TripAdvisor scores in every country where the company operates.

This webinar shows you the steps and the successes LUX* has achieved throughout this powerful service culture transformation.

Globe Telecom, Inc in “Serving to Win” Webinar Series

Learn how this telecommunications giant increased share of market with a company-wide strategy of service culture transformation.

Globe launched a program with UYS to achieve a competitive advantage through rapid service improvement and service culture. This effort included service education to inspire employees, contractors, and partners.

The following three years have seen dramatic increases in financial performance, market share, and customer delight.

In this webinar, Rebecca V. Eclipse, Chief Customer Experience Officer talked about Globe’s business challenges and how the focus of building an uplifting service culture was key in driving business success in the market.

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