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Creating an uplifting and inspiring service culture isn’t a matter of doing the same things you’ve always done and simply adding more effort. It’s about expanding your vision, asking new questions, deepening your understanding, and assessing your goals and actions in a more meaningful way. In short, it’s about engaging in a new and wider Service Culture conversation.

The following Customer Service Culture Assessment Tools will help to facilitate these conversations. For optimal results, use each Customer Service Culture Assessment Tool as the agenda for a discussion among your key team members and an Uplifting Service facilitator. These discussions will serve as a trustworthy compass and powerful guide for the organizational service journey ahead.


Do You Have an Uplifting Service Culture?

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Start with this Customer Service Culture Assessment Tool to establish an integrated view of how your company’s service essentials align or divide your team. Includes 5 Key Questions for Leaders to help you examine your service vision, execution, and training.

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Does Your Company Have a Common Service Language?

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Creating a Common Service Language can help align everyone on your service team, making it easier for them to keep them going and growing in the same direction. Communication, collaboration, and cooperation all improve when people share a common language. The questions in this guide will help build your Common Service Language, ensuring your service language is effective and being used, now and in the future.

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Are You Hiring People with the Right Service Mindset?

Hiring a new employee or team member into your organization is one of the most influential jobs of a leader. Who you hire has significant impact on your existing and developing culture. This guide includes 25 revealing interview questions to help you choose individuals who are ready for a culture of service excellence.

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How Powerful Are Your Service Communications?

Assessment_How Powerful are Your Service Communications_image_210x297px_455
Worried about your frontline interactions, and the service message your team conveys? Use this Assessment to pinpoint core strengths and weaknesses. Includes 20 powerful prompts to help you assess your internal communications, which are a key aspect of service success that many overlook. This Assessment will help you improve your communications and your service advantage.

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Does Your Company Recognize and Reward Great Service?

Assessment_Service Recognition and Rewards_image_210x297px_468
If you want to build an encouraging and creative culture of service, you won’t get far without engaging service recognition and rewards. Learn how to recognize and incentivize great service with this eye-opening survey. Includes 5 prompts to determine how effectively you reward the people and partners who serve each other on the inside, and your valuable customers on the outside.

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Does the Voice of Your Customer Drive Your Service Decisions?

Assessment_Voice of the Customer_image_210x297px_467
Customer satisfaction is important, but customer loyalty and collaboration are even more essential. Asking questions to capture the “Voice” of your customers and employees is key to improving your future – and theirs. How closely do you listen? How effectively do you share the “Voice” you hear throughout your organization? This questionnaire will help you quickly evaluate how well you are doing, and how you can quickly improve.

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Do Your Service Measures and Metrics Improve Customer Experience?

Assessment_Service Measures and Metrics_image_310x297px_470
Service metrics are intended to help your team deliver better service. But many skew attention and can even distract from delivering what customers really value. Assess the quality of your service measures and metrics with this useful guide. Includes 6 must-measure benchmarks that will ensure your statistics fully support your strategies and your service.

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