The 10 Essential Abilities of a Service Excellence Workforce


The 10 Essential Abilities of a Service Excellence Workforce

The world of work has changed. Every person must continuously add value, not only to the work itself, but to the experience our customers have with our work. How well we do at creating and increasing this value this makes the difference between future success and failure.

In my recent blog, Redefining Service for the New World of Work, I described how jobs are changing and why stepping up through service is the key to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and business success.

Today, everyone must respond to problems not yet defined or even understood. Everyone must think beyond process and efficiency to creativity and successful innovation. Everyone must improve the customer experience, and not just fine-tune the delivery process.

If you think this applies only to leaders or white-collar knowledge workers, you should meet the hotel housekeeping employee who recently “jerry-rigged” my room to create a temporary office with a standing desk (two empty boxes and a large room service tray), some meeting space (replacing the couch with two swivel chairs), and extra power and lights.

Everyone, in every department and at every level, needs certain abilities to thrive at work, and to propel your organization to success. Do you have these vital perspectives, skills, and sensibilities? Do your people?

The 10 Essential Abilities of a Service Excellence Workforce

1. Awareness. I can see my work from my perspective and from the perspective of others. I pay attention to the experience others have in working with me. I am aware of how I can contribute to the organization and the impact of my actions.

2. Curiosity. I wonder about people, products, services, and processes. I ask questions of myself and others to learn and understand. What do other people want, need, value, and appreciate? Why do we do things the way we do now? What would happen if we do something differently?

3. Analysis. I pay attention to what works and what needs to be improved. I gather information to better understand problems and opportunities. I compare my thoughts and ideas with others.

4. Empathy. I try to understand the concerns and feelings of other people. Even if I do not share those feelings, I seek respect them and respond with genuine care.

5. Initiative. I proactively take actions to make offers, meet requests, solve problems, and create new possibilities. I invite others to get involved when needed. I do more than required to create more value.

6. Collaboration. I work well with others to get the job done and creatively solve problems. I maintain positive relationships with my colleagues, customers, and community.

7. Flexibility. I use different styles of behavior and communication to create the most effective experience for everyone in each situation. I adjust my approach whenever possible to add more value.

8. Resilience. I bounce back from problems, complaints, and mistakes. I see breakdowns as opportunities to solve problems, build strengths, and increase loyalty. I seek to create something better whenever something goes wrong.

9. Responsibility. Service excellence is my job. I take personal responsibility for my words and actions. I look back to learn from what happened, and lean forward to create what will be.

10. Communication. I listen with sincere attention. I ask questions to learn and understand. I share my views effectively for others in speaking and in writing. I make clear requests and promises.

What is the result of these 10 Essential Abilities?

Trust. By developing these abilities, I earn the trust of others in my promises and my communications.

Which of these 10 Essential Abilities are strongest for you today? Which can you improve? Which are most prominent, or most in need of improvement, where you work?

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