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Why are some training programs so dull, and others so full of active participation?

What makes one trainer plod along, while another brings energy and effectiveness to each session?

Using The Uplifting Service Active Learning Toolbox, you will generate active participation at all your training sessions, with even the most reserved students or the most conservative cultures excited and engaged. You can use the toolbox in your workshops, for quick icebreakers, and even for any longer-term educational programs.

This toolbox has four key components, each equally essential to your success. Here’s how the components work together:

1. WHO am I doing this with?

People must be clear about who they are working with.

Do I need to work on this exercise alone or with a partner?

Is this task for everyone to do together, or should I only do this with those seated at my table?

Who should I work with right now?

2. How much TIME do we have?

Do we need to complete this task in the next ten minutes or should we prepare our answers overnight?

Is there a need for speed (“Complete as quickly as possible.”) or is the time clearly fixed (“You will have until 11:00 am to finish.”)?

How much time do we have to get this done?

3. What CONTENT are we focusing on?

Are we sharing our opinions or comparing our experiences?

Are we working on a case-study, discussing a video, reading an article, or debating a question?

What content should we focus on during the time we have to work together?

4. What OUTPUT do we want to create?

Do we want one answer from the group or a list of many?

Do we also need to present, prioritize, and create action steps or just answer the question?

What output are we expected to create or complete in the time we have working together?

When all four elements (who, time, content and output) are clearly understood, people will participate. If any of these areas are ambiguous or uncertain, many will hesitate to share.

Download FREE worksheet to embed Active Learning into your workshops activities and educational programs.

For more information, read the detailed article.

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