How to Build Culture of Service Excellence During Mergers and Acquisitions


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We do a lot of work with dynamic fast growing company.

I recently heard the CEO express concern about the company culture in an environment non-organic growth. That means mergers and acquisitions, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, and wanting them to perform better together; not just a combination of 2+2=4, 8, 10, or 12.

We have a proven way to make this happen, by building a stronger culture together with a focus on Service Excellence.

Here’s how:

Whatever the culture, values, practices, or background of the companies, teams or people coming together, you must create a Common Service Language that everyone can understand and apply.

1. A definition of Service, and of Service Excellence. “Service is taking action to create value for someone else.” and “Service Excellence is taking the next action to create more value for someone else.”

2. Understanding The Six Levels of Service. Evaluating current performance and service standards, customer expectations, rising expectations, and speed of change in expectations.

3. The Four Categories of Value: Primary Product, Delivery Systems, Service Mindset, and Ongoing Relationship. Where are the opportunities for synergy, best-practice adoption, collaboration, elimination, and improvement?

4. Service Transactions and Perception Points. Mapping out how to work together to combine practices and find opportunity for improvement.

Growth of companies through mergers and acquisitions will always occur. You can quickly bring your team together, and help them get the best from and with each other, by teaching everyone these vital elements of Service Excellence with a Common Service Language.

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