Which matters most? Consistency of Service Delivery, or Consistency of Service Experience?


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We often hear leaders say they want their companies to provide consistency in service delivery. Everyone providing the same service, the same way, with reliable people who consistently follow procedures that can be planned, tracked, and improved.

We have a different point of view. Especially if your customers are not exactly the same, across various geographies, ages, levels of experience, or other interests.

We suggest what you really want is not so much consistency of service delivery, but consistency in quality of service experience delivering consistently high satisfaction for all of your customers.

An example in this video shares the story of a customer service representative who sent a client a bottle of wine at Christmas. The delighted customer sent a compliment to the global CEO.

The happy CEO then asked all customer service representatives worldwide to send bottles of wine to all of their customers at Christmas.

But in some cultures, wine is not appreciated, and Christmas may not be the right holiday to celebrate, or even the right time of year to give gifts.

It would have been better if the CEO had asked each customer service representative to think about their customers, understand their customers, and then create consistently positive service experiences by giving an appropriate gift an an appropriate time.

This is what you want. Consistency in creating high levels of service experienced, not just consistency in the delivery of service.

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