Is the customer always right?


Is the customer always right?

Sometimes customers make mistakes, they get confused, they exaggerate, or even lie.

So if they customer is wrong, what should you do?

You can still make the customer “feel right” by agreeing with them on the importance of what they value.

But there is a catch. The customer may not tell you what they value. In fact, they can even make it hard to know. You must work to find it.

For example, your customer says “Your service is so slow!”

But you investigate and discover that everything was done right on time. So what do you do? Tell the customer they are wrong? Actually, you still make the customer “feel right”!

When they say your service is slow, you say “You are correct that speed is very important! Let me be the one to help you quickly…”

They say, “Your product is unreliable.” You say, “You have a very good point, that reliable performance really matters.”

They say, “Your staff is rude.” You say, “You always deserve our courtesy and respect.”

They say, “You people are so bureaucratic.” And you say, “Let’s see just how flexible we can be for you.”

They say, “Your price is too high.” You step over to their side, and say, “You deserve great value for your money.”

They say, “Your systems are hard to use.” And you reply, “We are with you about the importance of user-friendly systems.”

So, is the customer always right. No.

Can you make a customer “feel right”? Yes.

How? By agreeing with them on importance of what they value. Remember, making your customer feel right keep things moving in the right direction, for you and your customers.

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