Customer service excellence a new pipeline to success


Service can be a competitive advantage regardless of which industry you are in.

While safety and operational excellence remain bedrocks of success in an industrial B2B environment, Vopak Asia sees an opportunity to differentiate from the competition through the service it provides.

To achieve this, Vopak Asia aims to build a stronger customer service culture through a regional program that now covers 20 terminals in 9 countries.

80% of employees in Asia have attended the same College course in just 5 months.

Watch this video and listen to the results.

Read Royal Vopak Success Story

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One Response

  1. Vinay Kumar says:

    Beautiful. Of the points shared, three stood out:

    1. Common Language. So often in organizations silos develop. Marketing speaks marketing, finance speaks finance, and so on. Having a common language clearly helps to improve communication across functions as well as contribute to breaking down silos.

    2. Very importantly, a customer mind set began to develop here. As everything that is manifested by humans, all results from thought. Therefore once mind set and thoughts begin to shift, outcomes are bound to shift in time as well. In this case, customer service will improve and that ultimately is what provides the sustainable competitive advantage overs others who provide similar products and services.

    3. Up Your Service! College taught them how to fish, not just gave the fish.

    Thanks for sharing this success story.

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