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Service Communications

Organizations driving change face a common problem. Internal communications lose momentum over time. While initial launch communications are strong and creative, ongoing communications may get less and less attention. This can derail your progress for change just when new and powerful messages are needed most. Building fresh support for a long-term service culture change requires vigilance and persistent effort.

With the new year underway, this is a good time to take inventory and review your current Service Communications? List and evaluate all formal and informal communication channels in your organization. Study carefully what messages are being sent through these vital channels. Identify where service messages could be made clearer and stronger, or where they may currently be weak or even misaligned.

Study these questions with your team to jump start a Service Communications review. Even more questions and communication ideas can be found in this complimentary Uplifting Service assessment tool: How Powerful are Your Service Communications?

1.    Are current communications still engaging? Are long standing mediums still being noticed, read, or heard by staff? Do some need to be “retired”?  Do new ones need to be created?

2.    Are multiple styles of communication used – print, electronic, audio, video, town-hall, and social media? Are a mix of stories, results, examples, cases and motivational ideas used to draw attention and build enthusiasm?

3.    Are communications easy for staff and stakeholders to find and access?

4.    Have any communication been lost in the redesign of internal websites or resources?

5.    Are you creatively renewing physical space for Service Communications? Hallways, doorways, meeting rooms, office walls, elevators, stairways, monitors, screensavers, cafeterias, warehouses, and vehicles?

6.    Are your Service Communications aligned with current brand communications?

7.    Do leaders at all levels contribute to your Service Communications? Leaders who are service champions can be featured, interviewed, or used as role models in feature stories.

8.    Have you provided leaders with communications kits and talking points to convey key new messages, progress, initiatives, and rewards? (This ensures your Service Communications are closely linked with operational reality.)

Are your Service Communications aligned with your current Service Education activities and other Building Blocks of Service Culture?

1.    Do Service Communications still reflect and reinforce your current Engaging Service Vision?

2.    Are you using Service Communications to announce, update, promote and reinforce progress with Service Education?

3.    Are you communicating the ongoing action ideas and results coming out of the Service Education courses?

4.    Are winners of Service Recognition being featured in your communication channels?

5.    Are examples of excellent Service Recovery being showcased for everyone to see?

6.    Are you sharing with all employees your progress with key Service Measures and Metrics?

7.    Do you highlight the hiring and promotion of key service staff?

To catch and keep the attention of your team and your clients, take this opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate your Service Communications today!

What communication ideas and examples can you share that work well for your organization?

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  1. Elena Calin says:

    Thank you, Ron!

    This is an excellent assessment tool.


  2. VIJAY NAIR says:

    Very helpful .


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