How to Engage Your Leadership Team for a Successful Service Culture Transformation


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Many senior leaders assume that service performance improvement only requires a front-line training initiative. This is a fundamental mistake. A strong and successful service culture demands the power of a senior leadership team that is fully engaged. Leaders must confidently share the vision, align with each other to remove roadblocks, reward ongoing success, and role-model excellent service behavior.

At Uplifting Service, we have developed a comprehensive checklist of strategic implementation activities that help our clients plan, implement, and sustain the momentum of a service culture building program.

We are glad to share with you a section of this Checklist covering key activities to achieve successful and sustainable leadership engagement.

Leadership Engagement Activity Checklist

  1. Senior leaders have participated in Service Excellence Workshop and have learned to apply selected UP principles.
  2. Quarterly workshops, webinars or conference calls with Uplifting Service have been scheduled for senior leaders in the next year.
  3. Senior leaders support the Steering Committee and Building Block Project Teams.
  4. A Communications Kit has been created for leaders to use for “cascading” the service culture vision and implementation into the organization.
  5. The service education plan has been communicated to senior leaders and managers and they understand the importance of their support of and involvement with service education success.
  6. Senior leaders are involved in the nomination, interview, and selection of Workshop Leaders.
  7. Senior leaders have highlighted specific internal and external service concerns to use for Workshops customization.
  8. Senior leaders know the dates for the Workshop Leader Certification Programs and are scheduled to kick-off, visit and/or close the program.
  9. Senior leaders have participated in and supported their managers in the sequence and scheduling of workshops for their departments or business units – enabling all staff to participate fully.

If your organization is currently a client of Uplifting Service, the full Service Culture Development checklist is available from your Project Manager. If your organization is not yet a UP client, you may Contact Us for access and more information.

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