From 2nd Class to World Class in 24 Months: How Air Mauritius Achieved the Skytrax "4 Star" Rating


Two years ago the national airline of Mauritius was struggling with financial losses, poor customer service ratings, and low staff morale.

A new CEO and dedicated top team launched a bold attempt to achieve profitability and an impeccable service reputation in just two years. Their “7 Step Plan” included a variety of financial, political and equipment measures. But the most audacious element by far was seeking to inspire 2,500 team members across all departments to leave behind old behaviors – and embrace a new commitment to “Stepping UP Together”.

Air Mauritius Skytrax 4 Star Ambitious Goal

This plan required the company to “go big and go fast”, reaching every team member in a short time with actionable service education from Uplifting  Service, including train the trainer programs and service improvement workshops.

And it worked! Service improved for customers at every point of contact, including reservations, check-in, arrivals, and inside the aircraft during flight. Service also dramatically improved between teams, stations, and departments.

There are 147 “3 Star” airlines in the world today, but only a small number of airlines in the “4 Star” category, including Emirates, British Airways, and Etihad. For Air Mauritius to leap from difficult times to a Skytrax “4 Star” award in 24 months was a challenge that ultimately inspired every team member.

On July 9, 2014, Skytrax officially awarded Air Mauritius this coveted “4 Star” status, and named Air Mauritius among the “Top 10 Most Improved Airlines” of the year.

Ron Kaufman was on hand to participate in the team’s celebrations. In this interview with the airline’s CEO, Andre Viljoen, he takes you behind the scenes of this extraordinary success, with a peek into the future as the national airline of Mauritius takes the next step UP.

Air Mauritius CEO Andre Viljoen and EVP Customer Experience Donald Payen

Air Mauritius CEO Andre Viljoen and EVP Customer Experience Donald Payen

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16 Responses

  1. Joshua TAN says:

    Well done, Air Mauritius. Fly higher and fly proudly. Cheers.

  2. Danielle says:

    Presently studying Marketing, Air Mauritius is an excellent example for me to quote when it comes to cross functional role of the Marketer i.e. the achievement of Air Mauritius is the result of the efforts of the whole family of the airline. The whole staff is rewarded by this achievement. BRAVO to Air Mauritius. Keep the service always UP, there’s no going wrong that way.

  3. Sreenivasan says:

    This is really incredible. Hearty congrats to the team!!!

    I must compliment Ron Kauffman for the fantastic job. An inspiring Leader, Institutionalized Processes and an expert like Ron must have done the trick.

    May I suggest for sharing more info on the approach followed, constraints faced etc.,

    Best wishes,


  4. Nigel says:

    in the words of Mr Kaufman himself, “Good Job, Well done.” impressive result in a short time.

  5. Anupam Shukla says:

    Amazing!!! It proves service building helps in overall growth of business and brand building.

  6. Caroline Groom says:

    “Another feather in your cap” Ron Kaufman. You are truly a FANTASTIC motivator and teacher. I attended your first session in Dubai so many years ago, and followed your countless successes and brilliant achievements. All the very best.

  7. Narain Bhayro says:

    Congratulation to the whole team of Air Mauritius. This is one more example for Ron achievements. I think your excalator is definitely going up.

    Well done, keep iy Up

  8. Roy Luchmun says:

    Thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart helping me saving my airline et securing my job at Air Mauritius. Words so mere to say thank you and this fourth star says it all. Merci

  9. Aki Kalliatakis says:

    Congratulations Andre, Donald and Ron! You have done a great job. I remember your vision a few years ago to create this, and now, with a lot of hard work, it has happened. There are not many companies that can boast the same success. I’m looking forward to my next trip to beautiful Mauritius – on Air mauritius, of course@

  10. saugat kumar says:

    congratulation team Air Mauritius & Ron

    we travelled with your airrline some time back & the service quality was really nice ..

    keep up your good work !!

  11. Noor Wahjudie says:

    It’s also a prove. A CHANGE is never impossible
    A strong resolution and wholeheartedly STEP UP TOGETHER, generates a power to move ahead

  12. Sadaf Nonari says:

    Sounds incredible. It proves how flexible and open human minds are, if they are dealt in an inspiring manner. Service no doubt is the key to any successful business.

  13. Rakesh Verma says:

    Great Job Congratulation and All the very best for future. I appreciate Ron Kaufman for this great job, he is really a magician. I love his thoughts, training, delivery style and most important his energy level & sense of humour.

    God Bless Him Always……..Love You Ron

  14. AFEEF says:

    This is amazing and inspiring. To be honest I am not surprised with this result, because I know from my experience with Uplifting Service Approach, that any organisation who uses this approach or work closely with UpYourservice and Ron Kaufman will end with an amazing result (market share, extraordinary customer experience etc..) When I heard about Air Mauritius connecting with Upyourservice and Ron for building or creating a wonderful service Culture, I knew Air Mauritius will fly higher than other Indian Ocean based airlines. Well Done Air Mauritius Team and UpYourService Team. Keep Uplifting and sharing the Uplifting service spirit.

  15. eddy aubeeluck says:

    Thank you Mr Kaufman for giving us the required tool and inspiring us to be able to reach such heights.

  16. hairulaidi bin esrah says:


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