Gathering the World inside JEWEL at Changi Airport, Singapore


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Inside one of the new wonders of the world, JEWEL at Changi Airport in Singapore. A cascade of water pours down 40 meters from roof to basement, creating the world’s largest indoor waterfall.

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This space for the world to gather was built outside the transit area. Travelers can enjoy being here before their flights, after their flights, and between their flights if they have enough time.

It also means JEWEL was created for the community in which this airport exists: the city and country of Singapore.

That is a big change in thinking about what an airport can be in the world, not only a place for coming and going, but a place where people from the local area and the rest of the world can be together to eat, shop, laugh, play, see and be seen, to engage with life, and with each other.

This change takes vision, commitment, and resources. It also takes a willingness to relook at our “usual way of doing things” to ask a new way of thinking and being better suited to create value in the world of today, and more value for the world of tomorrow.

Whether you live in Chile or China, in Bangalore, Barcelona, or Brazil. The way we choose to live our lives will shape the society and the future that all of us will share.

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