Heading to Sydney for the Salesforce World Tour 2019


I am traveling soon to Sydney Australia for the Salesforce World Tour 2019. 

This day is packed with insights and innovations about technology, learning, and careers transformation to make service and society better. You can get all the details online, but let me tell you some of the highlights.

One session is called “Service When and Where you Need It!” with an inside look at how Monash University is serving students, faculty, and the community through digital channels that connect with the physical world.

Another session is “Gearing-Up Your Customer Service”. What do you do when your customer base grows faster than expected. It may sound like a nice problem to have, but you got to solve it fast to serve and keep those customers. The Service Cloud Platform can help with tools to support your team.

Another session is called “Customer Success in the New Age of Service”, which digs into the details of automation, integration, digital channels, and mobile work-forces. 

Here your can see how the Container Store not only has the coolest stuff, but also runs on the coolest B2C and B2B platforms to provide their award winning service. 

I am going to be on a panel discussion called ‘Top Secrets to Driving a High Growth Organisation’, including Tiffani Bova, who wrote the book on Growth IQ, Naomi Simpson, the founder of RedBalloon, and Cian McLouglin, the CEO of Trinity Perspectives. 

If you just can’t wait and you want more right now, use the links in this post to get the 2nd annual “State of Service” report, with 57 pages of insights from 2600 service trailblazers around the world.

Or get an insight on what’s happening in Australia and New Zealand in the latest “State of the Connected Customer” report.

Whether you come to World Tour in Sydney, or follow me there online, I look forward to bringing you more about the breakthroughs and best practices that are making our world of service better every day.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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