Introduction to The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture


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The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture shape the environment, experience, and enthusiasm of your team.

Working with Uplifting Service, we help you assess your current activities, select areas for improvement, and develop a plan to deliver early quick-wins and longer-term sustainable results.

1. Common Service Language

Widely understood and frequently used throughout the organization, a Common Service Language enables clear communication and supports the delivery of superior internal and external service.

2. Engaging Service Vision

Eagerly embraced and supported, an Engaging Service Vision energizes everyone. Each person takes action to make the vision real.

3. Service Recruitment

Effective Service Recruitment attracts people who support your service vision and keeps out those who not aligned with your vision, spirit, and values.

4. Service Orientation

Service Orientation must be welcoming and realistic. New team members feel informed, inspired, and encouraged to contribute to your culture.

5. Service Communications

Service Communications inform and educate everyone with relevant information and objectives, timely customer feedback, and uplifting service stories.

6. Service Recognition and Rewards

Service Recognition and Rewards motivate your team, celebrate service improvements and keep everyone focused on achieving greater results.

7. Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer captures your customers’ comments, compliments, and complaints, sharing these vital voices throughout your organization.

8. Service Measures and Metrics

Measuring what matters focuses attention, action, and creates positive service results. Your people understand what is being measured, and why.

9. Service Improvement Process

Continuous service improvement is everyone’s ongoing project. Your methods must be vibrant and varied to keep participation levels high.

10. Service Recovery and Guarantees

When things go wrong, bounce back! Effective Service Recovery turns upset customers into loyal advocates and team members into true believers.

11. Service Benchmarking

Discover best practices inside and outside your industry. Service Benchmarking points to new ways you can upgrade your internal and external service.

12. Service Role Models

Everyone is a Service Role Model. Leaders, managers, and frontline staff must walk-the-talk with powerful personal actions every day.

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