Measures of Success in Service Culture Transformation


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How do you know if your service improvement efforts are really working?

How can you be sure your service culture development program will achieve the ultimate financial objectives of your business?

service culture transformation
The Uplifting Service “Measures of Success” is a sequence of progressive or leading indicators. Each in turn helps you measure how your service culture is getting stronger – and where your efforts and investments are delivering greater service value.

    1. Service Excellence Workshops:
      Measure the level of energy, insight, and engagement with feedback from participants who learn how to apply the service excellence principles and tools.Participants in these workshops will generate…
    2. New Ideas and Service Improvement Actions:
      Count the number of new service ideas created, and new actions implemented using the service excellence workshop tools.Implementation of these ideas and action steps will lead to…
    3. Positive Comments:
      Track the increase in compliments and decrease in complaints from customers and from employees to each other.These are real-time indicators of increasing service value, which lead to…
    4. Survey Scores and Index Improvements:
      Apply proven survey and assessment tools to measure improvements in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and employee engagement.Improvement in all of these leading indicators results in…
    5. Ultimate Financial Business Objectives:
      Enjoy your increases in top-line revenue, bottom-line profit, market share, share of wallet, industry reputation, shareholder value, and growth.

Learn how implementing the Uplifting Service methodology delivers results in all of these measures. Sign up for a complimentary webinar today.

Download to Uplifting Service “Measures of Success” in PDF

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