There is a Proven Path to Service Excellence


Yes, there is a proven path to Service Excellence. But following that path requires overcoming difficulties along the way. This short video shows the challenges leaders and companies must tackle when building a strong and sustainable service culture.

Watch now, then comment below.

If YouTube does not play in your region, you can watch the video here using Viddler. (Please allow a moment for the video to load.)

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3 Responses

  1. Khurshid Leghari says:

    Excellent pursuance and dedication for a great cause!

  2. Pedram says:

    Great Video Ron! Challenges of service excellence was well illustrated 🙂

  3. Laxman Rao says:

    Dear Ron,
    An excellent presentation. As ever you are the leader and teachers. I always go through your videos on service excellence and try to follow your guidance. I feel this planet is blessed to have teachers like you.
    With best wishes

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