Questions & Answers on The Future of Service Excellence


The largest English language news service in Romania posed these insightful and provocative questions. In this video, Ron Kaufman answers them all!

1. How do you see the future of customer service in those industries in which automatization and robots are replacing jobs?

2. How did the so-called gig economy change the customer experience? What can traditional companies learn from Uber & AirBnb business models in what concern the customer experience?

3. Have you seen, so far, significant changes in customer experiences since companies started to implement different types of instant feedback apps?

4. What are the main characteristics of a good customer service specialist and how do you think that his or her profile will change in the future?

5. What are the most common mistakes that leaders do that affect the services offered by the company? How often should a CEO interact with the clients of the company or with the employees that are working in customer service?

6. Where is more difficult to train and develop customer service employees: in B2B or B2C businesses?

7. Can you give us some examples of small actions that led to big changes in customer service area?

8. How can you measure the effectiveness of a customer service training program? Should leaders expect immediate changes in customer service employees’ performance?

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