World Council of Credit Unions Conference in Singapore: Keynote Speech by Ron Kaufman


Ron Kaufman will be delivering a keynote speech on “Achieving Service Excellence with People and Fintech Working Together” at the 2018 World Credit Union Conference in Singapore on 18 July 2018.

Financial technology is developing at incredible speed. Digital platforms and services offer huge benefits for the credit union and other financial cooperative sector organizations. Distributed ledger technology, cloud computing, AI, faster payments – all of these are transforming the marketplace with tremendous opportunities for companies, and for customers.

But there are risks as well: cost of innovation, exposure to cyber-attacks, and business models that are being challenged by new players.

In a world like this, which is our world right now, what is the future of customer service in the world of credit unions and financial cooperatives?

This is the topic of Ron Kaufman’s keynote address at the 2018 World Credit Union Conference in Singapore on Wednesday, July 18. The title is “Achieving Service Excellence, with People and Fintech Working Together.”

We will explore what leaders in credit unions and other financial cooperatives can do to build your business and improve your service.

We’ll see how other companies and other industries deliver outstanding experiences with people and technology working together.

After all, it’s people who design, program, and test technology. It’s people who design interfaces and shape the customer experience. It’s people who explain, assist, and encourage other people to embrace and adopt new technologies. And it’s people who respond to help and recover whenever problems occur.

People and Fintech Working Together, that’s the key to Achieving Service Excellence. And that’s the key to your successful future.

We’ll be talking more about this at the 2018 World Credit Union Conference… the premier global event for credit unions and financial cooperatives. And we look forward to seeing you there. ~ @WOCCU ~ #WCUC2018

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