What Action Should I Take to Create More Value?


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Service is taking action to create value for someone else. So which action should you take?

You can take action in person, face to face, where you work, or where your customer works or lives.

You can take action over the phone: when you are responding, coordinating, or being proactive.

You can take action in writing in your emails and text messages, documents, agreements, and instructions.

In all of these cases you can take action to create value by providing clear answers, offering good explanations, or making helpful recommendations.

As an individual, you can create new value by listening, negotiating, promoting, selling, teaching, or by responding and resolving whatever is not yet done.

As a business, you can create value by designing, creating, manufacturing, delivering, installing, maintain and upgrading whatever it is that you sell.

Value can be created by taking action anywhere in your community, and at any level. On the frontline of service, as a supervisor, manager, or leader, as a long-time team member, or a brand new member of the team.

Service is taking action to create value for someone else.
What ACTION will you take to create more value today?

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