Seven Steps for Actionable Service Resolutions


Each year we move forward into a wonderful space of creation for the upcoming year. We also have an opportunity to look back at the past year, and then to look forward, to make adjustments to improve the quality of service for our customers, vendors, employees, and community.

Each of us can become a change agent to make a difference. Not only can one person create dramatic change, but one action can. Think about just one thing that would surprise and delight your customers (internal or external customer). Just one thing. Something as small as writing “thank you for coming” with your signature on the back of your business card and handing it to each customer as they leave your place of business. Something as small as calling a colleague at home one day after work to let them know how much you appreciated their help during the day. Something as small as sending an email to a vendor to praise them for their good service. The number of these small actions is endless. And any one can surprise and delight.

My goal is not to determine what that one thing will be for you. You can choose that on your own. I want to focus more on the “how” than on the what. Most resolutions, or dedications to making a change, are short lived. I believe this is true because the resolution is not clearly articulated, the value not clearly understood, the details not finely tuned.

Here are some proven actionable steps that you can take to assist you:

1) Write down your goal. Be very specific using words, numbers, and images. The more detailed you are, the more likely your vision will come to fruition. Remind yourself of the value you are creating for others by doing this one thing

2) Create a roadmap. How will you do this, when will you begin, what are your needed resources, if applicable, your budget?

3) Determine who else will be involved, or required, in order to complete this goal? Have you secured their agreement?

4) What is your time frame? Most goals fade away over time. Allow yourself a set timeline. Perhaps your goal will be 30-60-90 days and then you can evaluate the results.

5) Do you see any roadblocks on your roadmap? How can you clear them away?

6) Is there accountability to completion or to achieving this outcome? This can be valuable in keeping you on track.

7) Set up regular check points to see if you are sticking to the plan, or if the plan needs revision. Remember, if you miss the goal, quickly set a new goal based on your learning from the first miss.

The New Year is upon us. How are you going to move into this New Year? What changes are you willing (and excited) to make to improve the way you are viewed by your customers.  What is the ONE THING you will commit to do to surprise and delight?

Share with us…we would love to hear from you.

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4 Responses

  1. Naresh Vassudhev says:

    Change is the only constant!
    Change to enhance customer experience is a winner.
    And being an agent of that change-you are a permanent winner!!

    Good article.

    Best wishes for a great 2012 !!

  2. Carl Huybers says:

    As part of your goal, set a specific reward for reaching the goal. This will give you another ‘why’ and create an expectation with each goal that you set. Similar to the ‘pay yourself first’ principle

  3. doolaree says:

    A person who adapt himself or herself with change is always and ever a winner He /she will always be up to date and a good manager in whatever field he/she is.
    Best wishes and good luck for the coming year 2012

  4. jamal ibrahim says:

    Attitude and discipline important for anybody to change. With positive attitude and discipline we can achieve any goal we set.

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