Share YOUR Six Words About Service


Share YOUR Six Words About Service

I grew up with a game in our family called “Share Six Words.”

You must express your idea, thought, feeling, question, concern, or promise in exactly six words. While challenging, it is also quite amazing how meaningful six words can be.

Poignant, provocative, and productive conversations happen easily when you get right to the point.

So here are my “Six Words About Service” for you to ponder:

Service is not what you think.

What are your Six Words? We invite you to comment, but remember, say it in just Six Words.

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36 Responses

  1. Service is the key to success.

  2. Phillip Crockford says:

    Service reminds us of our humanity…

  3. Charity says:

    SERVICE is to give customer’s satisfaction

  4. Naresh Kapoor says:

    “I own all my service interactions”

  5. Edward Solomon says:


  6. Gary Bennett says:

    Give more than you get ….please!

  7. Wasseem says:

    1-Service is more than you imagine.

    2-Service is action to add value

    3- Good service evaluated by good impact

    4- Service is Art of helping people

  8. Craig Harrison says:

    Service means always saying you’re sorry

  9. Michael Vitale says:

    Service; “It’s What Life’s About”.

    Pay It Forward With Exceptional Service.

  10. Edmund Tang says:

    Service is important for ALL businesses.

  11. Tom Gravelin says:

    The Customer is always….. The Customer.

  12. Sean Jordan says:

    Willing to provide value to others

  13. Jeff Eilertsen says:

    All of these quotes are fantastic!

  14. Guillermo Mtz. says:

    Service without regrets all the time.

  15. Brandie Kiracofe says:

    Excellent Customer Service Builds Excellent Communities

  16. Mitchel says:

    Service mindfulness creates a connected experience.

  17. Rajesh says:


  18. Bill Bilsborough says:

    Reach out. Pull in. Lift up!

  19. Jamil Janjua says:

    Undoubtedly service is a spiritual act.

  20. Jamil Janjua says:

    Good service is pleasing to God.

  21. Jeff Eilertsen says:

    The power of these ideas – wow!

  22. A K Bose says:

    Boundless Dedication, respectful Commitment, absolute Sincerity

  23. Franco says:

    Generous, Accountability, Compassion, Profit, Caring, Giving

  24. Alex says:

    Happy customer give me great Sastifaction.

  25. Ajmal Khan says:

    Service creates Value for Company & Customer.

  26. Ajmal Khan says:

    Service costs nothing but company survival.

  27. Ajmal Khan says:

    Service costs less than Advertising/Publicity (does).

  28. Ajmal Khan says:

    Service is Action with Empathy.

  29. Ajmal Khan says:

    Service is like handling a newborn.

  30. Mandeep Chahel says:

    Treating every interaction as a partnership

  31. Mandeep Chahel says:

    unconsciously create wow in every interaction

  32. Ma. Luisa C. Segovia says:

    Nurturing Relationships equal excellent customer service !

  33. Susie Huang says:

    Service is about heartware, not hardware

  34. Jeff says:

    Everyone’s six words are so true!

  35. Maria Luisa Evardone says:

    Customer satisfaction=customer loyalty=sustained profits

  36. Susanna Hopkins says:

    Sensational others-centred service will never fail.

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