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At Uplifting Service, we help clients plan, implement, and sustain the momentum of a service culture building program. This includes a comprehensive checklist of strategic activities, including Implementation Roadmap design, Steering Committee support, Building Block innovations, Service Education customization and delivery, innovation tracking, results documentation, and more.

One of the many tools in our proprietary Service Culture Resource Center is a Steering Committee Setup Checklist. We share this with you to raise awareness of the depth and planning required for a successful service culture transformation program, and to invite you to engage with us in a conversational exploration about what is possible in your organization.

What is a Steering Committee?

A Steering Committee is a group of leaders providing top level support and guidance to your service initiative. They are an action-based task force giving direction, breaking down barriers, reviewing results, and making recommendations for ongoing improvement. Steering Committee members should come from a variety of functional areas in the organization.

Why do you need a Steering Committee?

A Steering Committee ensures success by representing the concerns and interests of everyone in the organization and aligning the service culture building activities underway.

The Service Culture Steering Committee Setup Checklist:

  1. Steering Committee members from across the organization have been identified.
  2. Steering Committee members have been invited to join.
  3. The Steering Committee has been officially formed, including communication with all members.
  4. A Sponsor for the Steering Committee has been identified.
  5. A Project Manager for the Steering Committee has been identified.
  6. The Steering Committee has been announced to the organization.
  7. Proposed agendas for Steering Committee meetings have been established.
  8. The Steering Committee has established ground rules for operation and measures of committee effectiveness.
  9. The frequency and duration of Steering Committee meetings has been confirmed and scheduled for 6 months.
  10. The role and involvement of the UP team with the Steering Committee meetings has been agreed.
  11. The Steering Committee has created an overall communications plan for the service initiative.
  12. Frequency, methods, and mediums for communication from the Steering Committee to stakeholders and the organization have been determined.
  13. A plan for rotating Steering Committee members at designated intervals (6-12 months) has been created.
  14. Measures of Success have been identified and confirmed.
  15. Priorities from The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture have been identified based on the Service Culture Indicator (SCI) report.
  16. Timing for support from the team at Uplifting Service has been confirmed.

This checklist can be used for any major program or project, especially when such efforts involve a wide range of participants, departments, functions, or locations.

Feel free to contact us to explore what’s possible in your organization with one of our dedicated Service Culture Advocates.

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