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LUX* Resorts – Case Study in World’s Leading Services Marketing Textbook


LUX* Resorts: Staging a Service Revolution in a Resort Chain  LUX* is a successful hospitality group operating in the Indian Ocean as well as other locations. In its previous incarnation, the company suffered from poor […]

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LUX* Resorts & Hotels: The “Serving To Win” Webinar


In early 2011, LUX* Resorts & Hotels (formerly known as Naiade Resorts) was in trouble – accumulating heavy losses, high expenditures and costs, unable to meet commitments. Three years later LUX* has rebounded with a […]

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The 4-Star Turnaround: How a Struggling Island Airline Revolutionized Service—and the Lessons YOU Can Learn From Its Story


Two years ago, this island airline struggled with a $30 million loss, mediocre service ratings, and bad morale. Thanks to a dramatic culture shift, it’s profitable again and has earned the prestigious 4-star Skytrax rating. […]

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