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5 Ways to Fail Your Customers with Social Media


It is little news that social media interactions drive brand perception, buying decisions, and customer loyalty. What’s big news is how many companies manage their social digital media interactions very poorly. Here are five of the most significant drivers of social media failure. Do any of these apply to you?

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Say What? Five Quick Scripts for Responding to Customer Complaints


The last thing a customer with a complaint wants to hear you say is: “You’re wrong.” What they want to hear is that you understand them, appreciate them, and agree with them on the importance of the value they have cited in their complaint.

Here are a few quick scripts to use when responding to customer complaints:

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Are your Company Communications Memorable?


One of the keys to Achieving Superior Service and building a service culture is leveraging the building block of “Service Communication”.

Uplifting service providers seek to make each perception point a positive experience for customers, clients and colleagues. Many of these points involve communications: what prospects, customers, colleagues, and partners experience as a result of what has been heard, read, or said.

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Eight ways to get close to your customers (and learn how to improve the customer service experience you provide)


Want to add more value to your customers? Be sure you know what to add!

Here are eight proven ways to get close to your customers and find out what they value, what they care about, what they really want.

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