The MSD Balloon Board Promotes Service Improvement Commitments, Actions, and Results


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Uplifting Service Course Leaders Dennis Chai and Amanda Low from MSD (Merck) in Singapore have created a colourful and uplifting way to record and recognize positive service improvement actions taken by participants in the Uplifting Service Course 100: Achieving Superior Service.

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Participants choose one item from their service improvement action plans and commit to it in writing on a bright balloon-shaped sticker.  Once the action is completed – and the service provided improved – then the participant is awarded an Uplifting Service Champion certificate.

This colourful “UP Our Service” balloon board stands in the office entryway as a bright reminder every day of new actions and commitments to uplifting service.  And because these commitments are publicly shared, follow through on the action plans is very high!

Action items include improving processes, assisting internal partners, sharing reports, reducing delivery times and educating teammates.  Also included are actions to improve service mindset and relationships such as upbeat group photos, hosting a “Take Your Kids to Work Day”, and hosting a farewell “bash” for a senior leader that “he will remember for the rest of his life.”  (And indeed he will – feedback on his party was Unbelievable!) Every one of these actions contributes to building an engaged service culture.

The Balloon Board at MSD is simple, colourful, easy, fun, inexpensive, and it gets results. What methods do you use to post, promote, publicize, and praise new commitment and action steps for service improvement?



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    Love this wonderful idea

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