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CLOVIS WONG, CEO THEBRANDHOUSE, MAURITIUS talks about their Engaging Service Vision (ESV)

TheBrandHouse is the leading distributor and retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in Mauritius. They work in a very competitive market and understand the urgent need for differentiation.

TheBrandHouse believes SERVICE is where they can make a difference. So they engaged Uplifting Service to help implement a service culture building program to create alignment around a service vision and methodology to drive cultural transformation.

Below is an excerpt of a conversation with Clovis on the company’s service vision: “Uplift Your World Everyday”.

“Why have you chosen to have an Engaging Service Vision (ESV)?”

The engaging service vision forms part of our common service language. We believe that the service vision will guide us in everything we do, help us to all go in the same direction and focus on our promise.

“Most of our clients craft their service vision from their Corporate Vision. But you chose to do it differently. What is the reason behind this?”

It was very simple, we did not have a defined corporate vision. But we know who we are, what we want, where we want to be and, most importantly, we have our values, which guided us to define our engaging service vision.

What are your corporate values that guided your thinking on the service vision?

At TheBrandHouse we strive to ensure that our actions are driven by our customers’ needs (Customer Inspired). We promote innovative mindsets and challenge the way things are done (Forward Thinking). We build relationships based on trust and respect with both our employees and external partners (Trustworthy). We aim at raising our standards to new heights and bringing positive results in everything we start (Performance Driven).


What process did you use to arrive at the ESV?

A group of people from different departments worked together. We also included a third party, our advertising agency, in the brainstorming session for additional creativity and to get an external view.

The team came out with several proposals of a service vision which were discussed with the Executive Committee. The idea was to come up with an ESV to which we can relate, that doesn’t need explanation, which is powerful and engaging. The process wasn’t easy, we didn’t come up with a solution immediately but when “Uplift Your World. Everyday.” came out, it was the obvious choice.

What is the meaning behind the ESV other than words on the wall?

With “Uplift your World. Everyday.” we are asking people to constantly do better, provide uplifting actions in their daily tasks, in the interactions with their colleagues, at home, in society, and in everything that makes their world!

We want our people to ALWAYS deliver at least the DESIRED level of service to our customers and colleagues. We ask them to consistently seek opportunities to CREATE VALUE for SOMEONE ELSE and our reward is the SMILE in the heart of someone else we serve

An Engaging Service Vision (ESV) is one of The 12 Building Blocks of a Service Culture.

Learn how to craft a unique and powerful ESV for your organization today!

Engaging Service Vision TheBrandHouse

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