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What is your point of view about our point of view that service is the reason we are here? Do you agree (or disagree) with our definition that service is taking action to create value for someone else? What is your opinion about the teaching of Uplifting Service and Ron Kaufman?

Your comments can be valuable for people everywhere to read.

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17 Responses

  1. San Thida Myo Latt says:

    i read up ypur service and it is very valuable book for us like service organization

  2. Ishrat Jahan says:

    Always amazing

  3. Raïssa says:

    Cases / comments / point of views posted here renews my motivativation to get 18 people to raise their level to develop a service culture and attitude

  4. ANJAN SEN says:

    When I first attended Ron’s session, it was really a fresh way of looking at creating a better service experience. The definition of service as outlined by Ron is actually the most tangible way of explaining the term. Have read the book Up Your Service as well and it has explained in detail the concepts which were outlined in Ron’s session. I regularly lead and share within my organization some of the articles from UP Your Service newsletter.

  5. Lakdasa says:

    All posts and write-ups by Ron K has been tremendously helpful and thought-provoking… They have always helped me to challenge the status-quot in order to improve ‘my service quality’. Thank you for ‘thinking up’ these theories and sharing.. in short, just wonderful …!!!

  6. Gavin says:

    Even though much of the information that I read, there is a little voice in my head saying “I know that” and “of course that is the best thing to do” (not that I have ‘voices’ but it’s very encouraging to be reminded of even the basics. Thank you Ron

  7. Nasser Al Rawahi says:

    I am realy looking forwards to read the book, I would be glad if you could email me an e-copy.
    thanks for keeping in touch.

  8. Ali Anwar Bhatti says:

    I suggest an addition with your definition that service is taking action to create value with feeling of satisfaction for someone else .

  9. Manvi Grover says:

    I have a small set up or firm ,i go through all your e-mails which are very useful and best thing is not theory simple practical solutions which can be implemented on the on the job. And find them effective and contribute a lot in the success of my small time business. And can Take me Long way i currently have a firm with 10 people staff. With your knowledge and practical solutions can take it up to 100 people staff within 2 year of time.
    Thanks for guiding with your immense knowledge and helping the organisations like ours.

  10. Dawn says:

    Great principles and yet so simple when you actually think about it. Love every linkedin post and blog review.

  11. Rick says:

    Love your posts, and I often share them with the rest of our team in the form of quick quips they can share at morning meetings, pre-meals, line-ups, etc. We do this with lots of other authors as well, and it’s a great way to keep things fresh and drive important concepts into our daily conversations!

  12. Noman Ahmed Khan says:

    Your thoughts are best possible advises for a service oriented job/industry. This is a must read for service leaders.

  13. Brian Tully says:

    I am always learning new insights from you and your posts. It gives me the opportunity to apply and share what I learn from you with others in our pursuit to improve our service. Your regular emails gives me the opportunity to discuss improving service with those I work with and it has changed the way I manage and lead.

    Thank you!

  14. Andy T says:

    Really enjoyed reading several books and fortunate enough to join a training with Ron in Thailand a few years ago. Strongly recommend anyone who has the means to attend.

  15. Moshe Davidow says:

    Creating value (for customers as well as shareholders and employees) is the gold standard in business.
    Your definition of Service hits the nail on the head!
    Taking action to Create Value implies a proactive approach that is so often missing in the service world. We should all be asking ourselves (regardless of our position) “What can I do to create value for …..”.
    This one sentence sets the priorities for business. Customer Value first, policies and procedures second.
    Thank you, Ron

  16. Rick says:

    Ron, I love your perspectives on service, though mine is slightly different: making good things happen for other people. The most critical component is not the specific definition of service, but that it pervade everything we do. Your compass has to have service as its north needle, and this is true however you define your service role. It’s also equally important whether you’re a front line employee interacting with guests every day; “back-of-house,” with only internal customers; or a Servant Leader for the members of your team! It’s a very simple concept and one that has to be part of every daily conversation! My 2¢…

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