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UP! Your Service – The brand that has been known and loved around the world is growing up. We are now becoming ‘Uplifting Service’.

Here’s why we’re making this simple but very important change.

We believe that language is fundamental to change and growth and improvement in human life. Choosing the right language and sharing that language sets a course for the future. We are at such a point in our company’s history.

For 20 years, we’ve been known as ‘UP Your Service’, a company named after the first book I wrote in the year 2000. This name has served us well. It speaks to the work each person can do to create customer experiences that are better than before and even better tomorrow.

We’re changing the name to ‘Uplifting Service’ because that’s what we’re creating in the world and it’s so much bigger. Everyone can take action to deliver better service and that’s true. But the impact of those actions can uplift the spirit of many, many others.

Stepping up your service is still the method, but Uplifting Service is the outcome. And we’re changing our name to recognize and celebrate what your service improvement can really achieve.

And there’s another reason. We’ve created a brand-new online platform that makes leader certification available to more people in more organizations all over the world.

And while we still specialize in whole company culture change, we know that not all companies have the time or the budget to take that approach to Unleashing Unbelievable.

By adding this new self-driven certification online approach, people like you can expand your service mindset, build your understanding and develop your skills on a flexible schedule.

So, you can initiate change right now where you are and improve your company’s experience from the bottom-up.

The only requirement is that you have a strong desire to step up and serve. You want to help lead others and create more value and show more care in our world.

You can learn more about getting certified just by clicking on the link on this page.

Thank you for everything you do to uplift service in the world.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this step-up for us to Uplifting Service as our company name and for your continued commitment to uplifting the spirit and practice of service all over the world.

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