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For decades, we’ve been serving leaders and organizations all over the world helping them to Unleash Unbelievable!

This program is now delivered in person, online, with ‘Train-The-Trainer’ support, is easily customized, and has been translated into 15 languages for clients around the world.

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Step 1: Go to https://globalgurus.org/best-customer…


Step 3: Company: “UPLIFTING SERVICE”

Step 4: Enter your name and email address.

‘The Proven Path’ provides a foundation for Continuous Service Improvement teaching 10 Service Excellence Principles, fundamental principles and understanding with tools that you can apply to create and add more value. Fundamental education that none of us received in school.

On top of this foundation, we’ve built a series of 12 Service Culture Building Blocks with advice and insights and how you can improve the culture of your organization, create an environment that allows for continuous encouragement and recognition and motivation, inspiration and support so that every service provider comes to work every day wanting to Unleash the Unbelievable that’s possible for them.

On top of the house: Service Leadership. Rules, behaviors, that anyone in a leadership position needs to follow to help role model and build an uplifting and sustainable service culture. Now, for decades, we’ve been doing this with B2B and B2C organizations all over the world.

A lot of the research has been published in this white paper which Harvard Business Review enjoyed and they excerpted it into an article. You can get the entire white paper free at www.UpliftingService.com/hbr

For the past few years, your votes and your support have ranked our Founder Ron Kaufman as the #1 Customer Service Global Guru in the world. We are truly touched, honored, and inspired to keep on teaching.

This year, Global Gurus is also ranking Customer Service Development Programs and we are taking a moment to ask for your help. Would you please take a moment and follow the steps that are outlined on this page?

And thank you for your uplifting spirit and your encouragement. With your support, all the members of our team will continue uplifting the spirit and practice of service worldwide.

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