Uplifting Service Ranked #1 World’s Top Customer Service Development Program 2020


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We are pleased to announce that Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Unleashing Unbelievable! has been named the World’s Top Customer Service Development Program in 2020 by the GlobalGurus.org.

We sincerely thank all Uplifting Service Leaders and Champions, our own Uplifting Service team, and all supporters who made this happen. You bring this program to life around the world.

For over 15 years, with updates and enhancements along the way, Uplifting Service courses and tools have driven service excellence and sustainable service cultures in organizations. At the core are timeless principles used by people in every role, at every level in nearly every industry.

We acknowledge Ron Kaufman – voted World’s #1 Customer Service Global Guru for the past three years—for his inspired vision and passionate leadership, bringing over 30 years focus and worldwide experience to our program and our team.

While delighted, we are mindful this honor comes during an unprecedented global crisis. It is our view, now more than ever, that service and care are critical – within our organizations, for our customers, within our communities, and among our families and friends.

We believe that Uplifting Service, and the other outstanding customer service providers, help enable the care-in-action we see during this time. This award is dedicated to all those extending help and service in the world.

With heart-felt appreciation and a dedication to future world of service, we thank you.

The Uplifting Service Team

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