An Uplifting Story: The “Luggage Boy” and his Zipper Dance


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The SM Store in the Philippines is an exemplary example of the power of building a Common Service Language throughout an organization. A strong Common Service Language has the potential to uplift the spirit of all your employees – and your customers. 

SM Store asked Uplifting Service to help build a culture of service excellence in 57 stores across the Philippines. Workshop Leaders were certified to deliver service education programs to everyone.

Within 6 months, 2,861 employees learned and understood that Service is taking action to create value for someone else, and Service Excellence is taking the next action to create more value for someone else.

Employees learned The Six Levels of Service: Criminal, Basic, Expected, Desired, Surprising and Unbelievable. Obviously, one should avoid criminal and basic service, because these degrade the company’s reputation and drive customers away. Expected service is not different at all. Providing desired service means giving customers what they hope for and prefer, and is the standard to aim for every day.  And when service providers get creative, they can deliver unexpected surprises and unbelievable experiences that create an unforgettable and positive memory for customers and employees.

Christian ‘Xian’ Tecson, a sales clerk at one SM Store was inspired to do just that! 

He created an unbelievable shopping experience by transforming his product demonstration into an incredible performance. Xian’s entertaining and innovative antics were captured on video and went viral on social media. Many people now come to the store to see Xian’s innovative merchandising technique, and are engaged to shop and buy at SM. Xian’s passion for making his customers happy is contagious and started a ripple effect throughout the organization. A burst of energy and enthusiasm for serving their customers swept throughout the company, inspiring customers and fellow staff members. Customer service went up, employee engagement went up, and company revenue went way up!

Kudos to Xian and all the Workshop Leaders who have inspired everyone to upgrade and improve. 

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