Your Service Vision Has Got To Be ENGAGING! (Part Two)


Part One of this article is available here.

An Engaging Service Vision is captivating, motivating, challenging, and uplifting. Creating your Engaging Service Vision is an essential step in building a service culture that deserves senior leadership attention.

When John F. Kennedy set the goal of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely by the end of the decade”, he put forth a powerful vision that generated national alignment, scientific commitment, and history-making results.

When you are planning something big, important, or new (like the development of an Uplifting Service culture), you also need a vision that is powerful, bold, and absolutely clear. In just one word, it must be engaging.

Here are more examples of Engaging Service Visions from our clients around the world.

NIIT Technologies, based in India, is committed to creating a new service culture based on innovation, creativity, and deep partnership with their customers. After years of competing on performance and price, they want to be known for high quality new ideas, and the value these ideas will bring.

Their new Engaging Service Vision is “New Ideas, More Value” presented in a light-bulb treatment that captures the digital nature of their business, and the two-sides-of-the-brain nature of human innovation.

NIIT New Ideas More Value

Deep inside the US Federal Government is a budgeting office that works closely to ensure that purchases and payments are made on time and on budget.

But the Leadership Team of this group is not satisfied with simply being accurate and dependable. They want to help their colleagues, contractors, and vendors become more efficient and financially effective by offering educational workshops, team and personal coaching, and any-time-of year business advice.

The Engaging Service Vision they created is beautiful: “Creating Value Beyond the Numbers”.

This could apply to any Finance department in any organization…but only if the people are committed to providing more valuable service.


SingTel is the largest Telco in the country of Singapore, and they are rocketing to the top of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and team member engagement. Deeply committed to a cultural transformation towards Teamwork, Creativity and Service, SingTel has leveraged every word of their Engaging Service Vision: “Let’s Create Amazing Together”.

let create amazing together

LUX* Resorts is a brand created to reposition the whole category of luxury hospitality from opulent and over-done to lighter and brighter and much more refreshing. Their Engaging Service Vision is personal and powerful, connecting 2,600 team members to the experience of each and every guest. “We Make Each Moment Matter” honors the importance of time, and the precious privilege of creating, delivering, and fulfilling vacation dreams.


Air Mauritius is the national airline of Mauritius. They have a bold ambition to add another coveted *S*T*A*R* to their international stature. This process requires new heights service, teamwork, and cross-functional collaboration.

They took the concept of continuous improvement (stepping), and flying high (UP) and working as a team (together), and came with an Engaging Service Vision that bonds everyone together to keep this airline flying high: “stepping UP together”.


What is your Engaging Service Vision? How do you express it in words, and images? How did you create it? How well is it serving you now?

Share your views and comments now.

To read Part One of this article, click here.

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