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Proven Service Architecture

The UP Service Architecture was created by a global team of highly experienced customer service, customer experience, and uplifting service culture experts. This proven architecture helps leaders and organizations build strong and sustainable service cultures. Our proven approach features three essential elements: Actionable Service Education, Aligned Service Leadership, and The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture.

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1. Continuous Service Improvement

Service education teaches your team members to think more effectively about service situations and equips them to choose the right actions to deliver great service value.

Uplifting Service workshops combine powerful principles with customized exercises and practical discussions to solve real service problems with new and better solutions.

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2. Aligned Service Leadership

Leaders must do more than simply telling people to give better service. Leaders must explain why service is so important, must role model how to serve others well, and must implement a methodology that creates and supports a sustainable service culture.

Our team of uplifting service experts have identified seven essential behaviors that successful service leaders follow every day. These “Seven Rules of Service Leadership” provide a powerful framework for Leadership Teams to assess their own performance and commit to real improvements.

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3. Building Blocks of Service Culture

Connecting service leadership with service education are interconnected categories we call “The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture.” Your activity in these categories shape the environment and influence the enthusiasm of your team.

You can identify opportunities for quick-win improvements and longer-term culture building success with the UP Service Culture Assessment. You can build a culture of service that encourages, educates, reinforces, supports, and uplifts your team members every day.

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