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We are a team of culturally diverse and globally committed professionals dedicated to providing a proven path for our clients to build uplifting service cultures within their organizations. We enjoy learning as much as teaching. We collaborate vigorously and celebrate enthusiastically. Our work is constantly moving forward, is challenging but extremely rewarding.

If you are passionate about uplifting service and about making a contribution in our world, we invite you to join the Uplifting Service team.


Do you like when your actions make a difference? Do you enjoy seeing your ideas come to life? If so, we have internship opportunities available now.

Here’s how to apply:

First, study our websites at and

Be sure you understand who we serve (our customers and clients) and what we do (the services we offer and the results we promise to achieve).

Second, think about what you can do to help.

Are you strong in social media? You can help with digital marketing.

Do you enjoy analytics? You can help manage our database.

Are you a good editor or writer? You can help with research, articles, and blogging.

Third, send us a pitch with your best suggestions. What would you like to do that will help us do what we do even better?

We cannot promise an internship to everyone who applies, but we do promise to read what you send and write back with our review of your ideas. (Please give us a few days to reply)

If you want to make a contribution and help us make a difference, then we want to hear from you.

Send your CV and ideas to

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