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Get Out Of The Ivory Tower And Get A Customer Service Education

Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits is a popular chain of more than 1,300 restaurants in 20 countries. They promote understanding between the people in head office and those in the restaurants with a range of vigorous […]

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Improve Customer Experience By Connecting With Your Customers’ Connections

We all live and work in a constellation of relationships based on service. You can see this with the customers you serve and the suppliers who serve you. But this is also true with colleagues, […]

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Customer Service Leadership Is The Real King

We often hear “the customer is king.” I don’t believe it. First, many customers do not behave like kings. Some act more like ruffians than royalty. You might want to disregard this kind of customer […]

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Encourage Complaints To Improve Customer Service

Some companies track a monthly “complaints and compliments ratio” for each branch, store, department, country or station. This approach has a fundamental flaw when it comes to customer service training. Here’s why: A complaints and […]

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The Customer’s Taste Buds Are Always Right If Customer Service Excellence Is The Goal

When I tasted the Greenwich Pizza ‘Garden Delight’ in the Philippines, my taste buds got a shock! The pizza was covered with sweet tomato sauce and the cheese on top was cheddar. I’ve been eating […]

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Add Value First, Reap Value Later With Proactive Customer Service Skills

I was teaching about customer intimacy and loyalty when one participant asked, “What if your competitor has already built a close relationship with a customer, and you want to get inside?” I replied, “Add value […]

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Improve Customer Service Quality By Designing With Clients In Mind

I am regularly amazed by brand new facilities that are obviously user-unfriendly. Huge investments of time and money…but who are they designing it for?! If you want to improve customer service quality, every decision needs […]

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The Holidays Are Here: Improve Customer Satisfaction By Personalizing Service

I use a credit card for many business purchases. Since I travel a lot, this means quite a bit of money is charged throughout the year. Therefore, I was pleased when my bank had a […]

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Sweeping Changes May Be Unfriendly And Will Not Improve Customer Loyalty

One of my favorite airlines committed a customer interface blunder. They changed the automated telephone menu system for reservations, removed the 24-hour fast-access option for frequent flyers, set up the menu so it changes at […]

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Set A Customer Service Culture With Three Steps To Welcome

What a conversation! A British gentleman working in global logistics, his American entertainer wife who recently became a mother, an Australian event coordinator and me. Four different cultures – and different points of view. We […]

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