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A Lesson In Customer Service Education: Keeping In Touch At Popeye’s

Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits has launched another program called “Keeping In Touch,” in which Support Center employees contact Popeye’s customers every month. This company is leading by example, giving others an important lesson in customer […]

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How To Contribute And Improve Service Quality As A Customer

Every month I receive messages from students and readers that begin, “I got such terrible service from…” and often close, “…and I’ll never go back there again!” I find these stories upsetting, occasionally entertaining, but […]

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Make it Person-to-Person To Improve Customer Experience

Automation is essential for expanding and accelerating service in many industries. But when individual care or attention is required, customers need contact with real people. When human energy flows and connects, good things (can) get […]

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Customer Service Quality Can Falter If Just Anyone Answers Your E-mail

Websites, e-mail and digital voice mail are changing the game in business. Some companies are taking the lead with great digital service like and Others are falling far behind and are letting their […]

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How Not To Build With Bytes – Do You Need Customer Service Improvement In The E-mail Department?

Not too long ago, I bought a new notebook computer and wanted to get an extra flash card for easy ”on the road” backups. I sent an e-mail to the address listed on the business […]

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Long Forgotten? Use Customer Service Skills To Stir Old Accounts Back To Life

An award-winning contractor in Savannah, Georgia, (who also happens to be my award-winning brother) wrote a great example of why customer service skills are crucial to business: “In my business (home construction and remodeling), I […]

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8 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Want to improve customer satisfaction? Be sure you know the best ways to make it happen! Learn, how to improve improve customer satisfaction in just 8 simple ways. Here are eight proven ways to improve customer […]

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