Customer Service Culture

Who Loves The Taxman? Change The Language To Change The Customer Service Culture

The old saying goes, “No one loves the taxman,” but if I must pay taxes, the people at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) are the folks I’d rather pay them to. IRAS boasts […]

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Top Ten Tips To Build a Superior Customer Service Culture

1. CREATE A UNIQUE SERVICE PHILOSOPHY Promising to provide “excellent service” is no longer enough for your customers or your staff. Excellent at what? Excellent service in a hospital is warm and caring, but that’s […]

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Co-Pay Is A Win-Win-Win To Improve Customer Service Quality

  My first book, UP Your Service!, hit #1 on the national bestseller list within three weeks of release. Thousands of copies have been purchased by individuals and companies around the world hoping to improve […]

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How To Change Company Culture By Literally ‘Burying The Hatchet’

Learning how to change company culture to foster a more positive environment isn’t easy. This is especially so if division in the ranks is to blame for a negative atmosphere. This brings me to a […]

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Learn How To Transform Company Culture While Chasing Chickens

Creating a sense of cooperation to improve customer service isn’t always easy. It is possible, however, to learn how to transform company culture by using creative ploys to send home the message that teamwork matters. […]

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Driving Home A Customer Service Culture

I accompanied a visiting friend from my apartment in Singapore to a taxi waiting downstairs. He climbed into the back seat and promptly sat on a wallet left behind by the previous passenger. My friend […]

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The Police Debates Demonstrate An In-House Customer Service Workshop That Worked

When a senior officer of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) asked for my opinion about service improvement, mindset training and new technology, I became curious. I did some detective work of my own and discovered […]

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A Rising Tide In Customer Service Training Lifts All Boats – Except Those That Sink!

Clients often ask me how to motivate stodgy “old-timers” to give better service, work more effectively on teams or contribute to building a stronger learning culture. They want to know how to get difficult employees […]

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Empowerment Makes Dollars, Sense And Can Improve Customer Loyalty

Empowerment exists when employees have the authority to make decisions and take appropriate actions to improve customer loyalty without first seeking approval from others. Empowerment allows frontline service staff to act quickly for their customers, […]

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Empower Frontline Staff To Improve Customer Satisfaction

A young man working for a Big Boss made an expensive mistake his first week on the job. At the end of the week the young man cleaned out his desk and packed up his […]

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