Bend The Rules To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Want to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale at the same time? Learn how to bend the rules a bit, reward excellence and keep the budget in check.

Give a prize each month to the person who bent the rules in the most effective or customer-pleasing manner.

And the prize? Something that bends, of course: exercise bands, a big rubber ball, yoga lessons, a bungee jump, a massage!
Got employees working over-time to complete an important project? Give them a surprise day off from work as thanks. This will recharge them and better position them to improve customer satisfaction.

Is a huge project keeping everyone working late? Host a pajama party in the office to let them relax but still be productive. Give prizes for the fanciest or funniest nightwear. Your staff will laugh and learn more about each other – and get energized at the same time.

Ask each employee to write down eight things they would like to receive for reward or recognition – two that cost no money, two that cost $5–$25, two that cost $25–$50 and two that cost $50–$100.

When an employee does something especially terrific for the company or a customer, let them choose one envelope from among the eight, and then give them the item they suggested – and selected. This will please them and encourage them to continue efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Recognition doesn’t need to be formal or financial. Sometimes a softer touch will make a stronger impact and help improve customer satisfaction through boosted morale.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Look for unusual places and opportunities to reward: in the playground, car wash, hardware and grocery store, drycleaner, beauty parlor, sports stadium, sidewalk, beachfront, ski resort, spa. Everywhere you look are possibilities for positive praise. Make them up, then make them happen!


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