Learn How To Transform Company Culture While Chasing Chickens

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Creating a sense of cooperation to improve customer service isn’t always easy. It is possible, however, to learn how to transform company culture by using creative ploys to send home the message that teamwork matters.

This brings me to a great example that demonstrates how to transform company culture in a creative, unique way.

A technology company and major distributor teamed up as business partners to serve the banking market.

But both companies were so proud of their own capabilities and relationships they ended up working around each other rather than with each other to secure new business. In essence, they had now learned how to transform company culture to make the partnership work to its full advantage.

The head of the distributor finally called his counterpart at the technology company and said, “I’d rather see our people compete by chasing chickens than get in each other’s way chasing the same customers!”

To his surprise, his counterpart declared, “You’re on. Let’s do it!”

Two weeks later the sales forces of both companies met on a large open field. One hundred chickens were released and the race to capture “chicken-share” was on!

Net results: Technology Company – 33 chickens. Major Distributor – 32 chickens. The other 35 chickens escaped.

Everyone got the message. After this exceptional event, both sides worked more closely to capture the total market. The teambuilding exercise showed both groups how to transform company culture for the better.

Key Learning Point For How To Transform Company Culture

Learning how to transform company culture to build an atmosphere that fosters partnership takes more than just business agreements. You need to cultivate a spirit that brings people together.

Action Steps For How To Transform Company Culture

What memorable activities of culture-building have you participated in lately? Which do you recall? What episodes of bonding and camaraderie will you create? Get to work today to build the culture your company needs to succeed.


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