Co-Pay Is A Win-Win-Win To Improve Customer Service Quality

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My first book, UP Your Service!, hit #1 on the national bestseller list within three weeks of release.

Thousands of copies have been purchased by individuals and companies around the world hoping to improve customer service quality.

Where are all these books going!?

An increasing number are being purchased by organizations for each member of their staff to improve customer service quality. A bank in Dubai bought 650 copies. A government ministry in Hong Kong bought 500 copies for all frontline and back-office staff. The Young Entrepreneurs Organization ordered 450 copies for regional conference programs. An infrastructure consulting firm purchased 700 copies for every architect, draftsman, clerk and engineer. The Singapore Police Force purchased 1,200 books – one for every officer on the street. Clearly, a lot of companies and employees want to improve customer service quality.

Some organizations purchase the books outright and give them to the staff as a gift or take-home training aid. But others have adopted a unique approach of “co-payment” – and the results to improve customer service quality have been astounding.

Instead of buying the books outright for their staff, these organizations pay only a portion of the price, with the balance to be paid by the staff themselves if they wish to own a copy. Essentially, they get a buy-in on the idea of working to improve customer service quality.

The usual price is $25, discounted to $15 for orders over 100 copies. Most companies co-pay just $5, leaving the staff to pay twice that amount – $10 per book. To the staff it appears that $15 has been paid on their behalf.

What’s the net result? Almost every staff member chooses to buy a book. Some get more than one copy for their spouse, friends and family members. Because staff members make a personal cash investment, they really do own and then study the book to learn how to improve customer service quality.

What’s the payoff for the company? They pay only $5 per book, but their staff get a $25 training tool to improve customer service quality. It’s a win–win–win situation. (The company wins, the staff win, and the author – that’s me – also wins!)

The staff who buy the book tell me it’s not just the bargain price that motivates their action. It’s also the commitment their company shows by making the books affordable.

Companies tell me it’s not just the special discount they appreciate, but the fact that staff members make a real commitment to read, learn, grow and improve customer service quality.

Key Learning Points To Improve Customer Service Quality

The co-pay option can be used with books, courses, meals, transportation, Internet access, home computers, medical care, accommodation, entertainment and more.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Service Quality

What does your organization care about? What do you want your people to believe and be committed to? Where can you use a co-pay option so that everyone shares an investment and an incentive to improve?


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