Use Staff Recognition and Rewards to Improve Customer Loyalty

The Singapore National Eye Center has a unique approach to improve customer loyalty and boost staff morale. It does so without spending a fortune in the process. In the attractive main lobby, management simply posts customer compliments in a prominent area called the “Staff Recognition Center.”

Alongside each letter hangs a picture of the staff member cited, and a certificate of appreciation signed by the Managing Director.

Imagine how these staff members feel when they come to work each morning. Just walking through the lobby they know they are appreciated – not only by their customers, but also by their organization. Imagine how customers feel when they come for their appointments.

They already anticipate receiving good service, and are more likely to express their appreciation when they get it. This is win–win–win at its best: the customer wins, the staff wins, and the National Eye Center wins.

Why does this improve customer loyalty?

This effort will improve customer loyalty by rewarding staff, empowering customers and providing the company feedback. Although simple, the program is highly visible and customers do take notice.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Loyalty

If you’ve been searching for a way to increase morale and inspire customer loyalty, the solution is simple. You can follow the Singapore National Eye Center’s lead. When compliments arrive, be sure to share the news – not just in the staff cafeteria or the in-house newsletter. Make sure customer know their input matters, too. Improve customer loyalty in this manner and everyone will notice.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Loyalty

Post testimonials (tastefully) in a public place, on your website, or in your regular mailings to customers. When complaints come in, you can publicize these, too. Be sure to include a response from the organization expressing appreciation for your customer’s feedback and stating clearly what’s been done to improve the situation. Your interest in their opinions will do a lot to improve customer loyalty.


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