New Titles Open New Possibilities To Improve Customer Service Quality

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In my writing I’ve pointed out how titles can influence the moods and expectations of those around us. Can the right title help you improve customer service quality?

To an extent, the answer is yes. When your customers understand what employees do and how they can help them, their perception of quality can rise.

Here are some good examples of title changes meant to improve customer service quality sent in from readers around the world:

“We changed our Human Resources Department to Department for People Support.”

“We use ‘Partner-In-Charge of…’ whatever area someone has. It makes us all feel equal in a flat organization. We just changed the Office Manager to ‘Partner-In-Charge of Customer Delight’.”

“My job responsibilities include project manager, business development manager and senior consultant. Ah, where’s the customer? So I’ve changed my title to ‘Value Creation Consultant’.”

The Product and Sales Manager at my book distributor changed his own title to “Author Champion.”

My titles have included author, speaker, trainer, consultant and curriculum developer. I’ve stopped trying to name my position. Now I just relate the mission: “Leading the Global Service Revolution!”

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Service Quality

What you call yourself and your colleagues has a big effect on how people understand who you are, what you do and how you can assist. Choose a title that opens the door and connects with other people to improve customer service quality perceptions.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Service Quality

You can change your title, too. (Should you?) Will it help improve customer service quality?


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