Out-of-this-World Recognition and Rewards

Brenda at Verifone shares an out-of-this-world recognition approach:

‘I found a 23-inch inflatable space alien and we
use it for a program called “Above and Beyond”.
Every time I receive a message that someone has
gone above and beyond the call of duty, that person
gets to have the alien sit at their desk until the next
person gets an “Above and Beyond” compliment
or referral.’

Vicki is Director of Customer Service for a successful
on-line retailer.

She writes:
‘We have a monthly award called “Radar O’Reilly”.
We encourage our associates to share information
they have learned: mistakes in our catalog, hard
questions from the media, little-known processes
that can help everyone, etc. Everyone submits their
“Radar” as the events occur and then a winner is
selected from the month’s submissions. The winner
gets a movie ticket!’

Ram is Chief Executive Officer of a large agricultural
outfit in India and offers this suggestion: ‘The most
treasured award in our organization is called the
“Bright Spark” Award and is in the form of a Spark
Plug mounted on a small rosewood stand. It is given
out for the best out-of-the-box idea. It costs hardly
anything and yet is the most coveted of awards
among our team!’

Key Learning Point

It doesn’t take a lot to create an award that means a lot!

Action Steps

Create an odd and inexpensive ‘award’ this month using food, clothing, music, toys or trinkets. Make it fun, make
it cheap, make it work!


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