Customer Service Culture

Dead Wood: High Value Antiques Or Dangerous Rot? How To Improve Customer Experience

Every organization must reckon with “old-timers”: staff who have served many years but may be past their most productive prime. What should you do with these folks? Firing them seems a mercenary way to run […]

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Get New Staff To ‘Self-Select’ To Promote Positive Organizational Culture Change

If you want a strong and distinctive company culture, you need to get the right people on the job. Choose well and a positive organizational culture change will be possible. If you want to guide […]

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Cancel Employee Of The Month To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Do you remember the last time you saw an “Employee of the Month” award? If you were a customer, did you recognize the name of the winner? Probably not. Could you tell what he or […]

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New Titles Open New Possibilities To Improve Customer Service Quality

In my writing I’ve pointed out how titles can influence the moods and expectations of those around us. Can the right title help you improve customer service quality? To an extent, the answer is yes. […]

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Harness The Power Of Praise To Learn How To Transform Company Culture

“Another day, another dollar,” “Thank God it’s Friday,” “You can take this job and shove it!” Why are so many common phrases about work negative? What would it take for you to learn how to […]

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Out-of-this-World Recognition and Rewards

Brenda at Verifone shares an out-of-this-world recognition approach: ‘I found a 23-inch inflatable space alien and we use it for a program called “Above and Beyond”. Every time I receive a message that someone has […]

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Get A Bang Out Of Improving Customer Service Quality

Companies are always on the hunt for ways to improve customer service quality. There’s a great example of out of Dubai that my students always get a “bang” out of. “Right Selection” in Dubai organizes […]

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Use Staff Recognition and Rewards to Improve Customer Loyalty

The Singapore National Eye Center has a unique approach to improve customer loyalty and boost staff morale. It does so without spending a fortune in the process. In the attractive main lobby, management simply posts […]

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Bend The Rules To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Want to improve customer satisfaction and employee morale at the same time? Learn how to bend the rules a bit, reward excellence and keep the budget in check. Give a prize each month to the […]

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$50 Jokers And 52 More Ways To Inspire Customer Service Excellence

Kym is Managing Director of “Messages on Hold.” But there’s nothing on-hold about the way he inspires customer service excellence  and builds loyalty among his staff members. Here are three of Kym’s simple tips: 1. […]

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