Customer Service Education

Customer Experience Consulting In Your Best Interest

A diversified medical group suffered from a common procedure that frustrated patients, doctors and laboratory technicians every day. First, doctors sent their patients to the laboratory for tests. After the tests, patients asked the laboratory […]

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Make Sure Everybody Knows About It To Improve Customer Service Quality

I recently stayed at a major hotel in Perth, Australia. On the telephone in my room was a small card indicating the phone and fax numbers of the hotel. The phone number was listed as […]

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Education Makes Starbucks’ Customer Service Quality Star Shine

I avoided caffeine for many years. But with so many flights and late, late nights, I recently tried “just a sip.” The next day I dunked a Danish pastry. A few days later I asked […]

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Excel In Customer Experience Management By Making Clients Information Rich

I bought a new hat to shield my balding head from the summer sun. The store had over 200 hats, but only one hat offered as much information as protection. My new “Tilley Hat” cost […]

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Hidden Information Does Not Improve Customer Experience

What’s in a word? If that word happens to be jargon or in-house coding and it’s going out to your clients, a lot. Improve customer experience by making certain your communications with clients are crystal […]

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Starting With 30 Cents of Communication for Customer Service Excellence

Simon sent me this lunchtime message that demonstrates how important communication is to customer service excellence: “Whilst waiting for my toasted focaccia, a young man came into the shop and asked for a salad sandwich. […]

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Accurate Answers May Not Be Useful To Improve Customer Satisfaction

When there is a need to improve customer satisfaction, interactions are critical. Going above and beyond during client exchanges can leave a strong, positive impression that lasts. Unfortunately, many exchanges do nothing to improve customer […]

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Well Informed Customers Are Critical For Customer Service Quality

When customers know what to do, how to do it, what to expect and why, they usually follow instructions. When customers are uncertain about what, how or why, they will often hesitate in uncertainty and […]

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Use Positive, Proactive Communication To Improve Customer Loyalty

Every insurance company in the world is concerned about “persistency,” keeping policies in force by making sure clients pay their premiums year after year. A small increase in persistency can yield a very large boost […]

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