Accurate Answers May Not Be Useful To Improve Customer Satisfaction

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When there is a need to improve customer satisfaction, interactions are critical. Going above and beyond during client exchanges can leave a strong, positive impression that lasts.

Unfortunately, many exchanges do nothing to improve customer satisfaction. Even when a technically correct answer is given, the impression left can be a cold one if solid interpersonal skills aren’t used during the exchange.

A perfect example comes from one of my students who was looking for his room on the second floor of his hotel in London, United Kingdom.

The corridor was being renovated and all the wall signs had been taken down. The guest saw a member of the hotel staff and asked, “Where can I find room 264?”

The staff thought for a moment and replied, “Between room 263 and 265,” and then walked off.

It took the customer a moment to realize the absurdity of what he had just heard. By the time he turned for better guidance, the staff member was gone?

Ultimately, the staff member answered the question accurately. He did nothing, however, to improve customer satisfaction. Instead, he left my student baffled and still looking for his room.

Key Learning Point To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers may require more than technical data to fulfill their wants and needs. Data only becomes useful information when it connects with human concerns. Make this connection to improve customer satisfaction.

Action Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers support, coaching, application guidelines, hand-holding, respect, encouragement and practical, useful advice. Make sure they get what they need: assistance, not just answers. Consider all aspects of your business that could stand improving to ensure that useful information is conveyed in a warm, friendly manner. Do these things and you can increase customer satisfaction with simple, no-cost measures that leave a positive impression with your clients.


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