Customer Service Guarantees

Customer Service Excellence Demands Total Commitment From All Departments

I am amazed at the effort companies put into building service brands on the outside, yet how fragmented they can be on the inside when it comes to customer service excellence. When fragmentation on the […]

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World’s Friendliest Airport Teaches Others How To Change Company Culture

Learning how to change company culture to have staff members intuitively behave in a certain way takes time, effort and exceptional planning. A great example of how to change company culture for the better comes […]

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When Does Customer Service Excellence Become ‘Legendary?’

Legendary Service. Many organizations use this phrase to describe and promote their service. But how many have really earned the right to claim customer service excellence? If you give good service, that’s not legendary. If […]

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Customer Service Education: How To Lose A Customer For Life

My friend Benny told me about a local restaurant that serves a variety of Chinese dim sum dishes, but could benefit from a customer service education course. He went there with five friends for a […]

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Total Recovery = Customer Delight = Customer Service Quality

Douglas, an elected delegate at the Democratic National Convention in the United States, dropped his Handspring Visor personal digital assistant (PDA) onto the stone floor of his downtown hotel lobby. The outer case of the […]

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Laundry Unlimited ‘Bounces Back’ To Improve Customer Loyalty

When you want to improve customer loyalty, turn bad situations to your advantage. If things go wrong, step up to the plate to fix them. You’d be surprised at the return on investment you receive […]

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Preserve The Loyalty You Deserve With Customer Service Excellence

My video duplication company has been a reliable and responsive supplier demonstrating customer service excellence through the years. They should be – I have spent more than $62,000 with them in the past few years. […]

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Saying ‘Sorry’ Isn’t Always Enough To Improve Customer Service Quality

I lost my mobile telephone. The telephone company told me to file a police report and then come down to their office to buy a new phone. When I arrived, the counter staff member was […]

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Focus On Client Recovery First, System Recovery Second To Improve Customer Experience

When negative issues arise in the course of doing business, it’s important to focus initially on helping the client recover. When you work to improve customer experience first and then correct the problem, the rewards […]

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When Service Goes Wrong, Bounce Back to Improve Customer Loyalty!

We all try to do things right. No business sets out to do wrong when servicing customers. But life is full of unexpected moments and, inevitably, mistakes do happen. When this happens, so does the […]

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