Saying ‘Sorry’ Isn’t Always Enough To Improve Customer Service Quality

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I lost my mobile telephone. The telephone company told me to file a police report and then come down to their office to buy a new phone.

When I arrived, the counter staff member was helpful and very understanding. She gave me a discount on my new phone purchase and a free replacement SIM card holding my personal account details. I was pleased and grateful with the customer service quality.

Five months later I lost my handphone again! This time I knew what to do. I filed a new police report and went back to the company to buy a new phone expecting the same level of customer service quality.

The counter staff member was helpful and understanding, but she gave me neither a discount on the new phone nor a free replacement SIM card. I asked if she had forgotten, or if the company policy had changed.

She replied, “We are very sorry that you lost the phone, and our policy is to give a discount and a free SIM card to make things a little easier for you. But our records show you lost your phone five months ago, and we can only feel sorry for you once a year.”

Key Learning Point For Customer Service Quality

Generosity is a good service policy whenever your customers need help. If they need help twice, be generous twice. (No one loses their mobile phone twice on purpose.) By helping out, you show a high commitment to customer service quality. The act just might earn you a loyal customer for life, too.

Action Steps For Customer Service Quality

Look for situations where your company policy restricts the flow of generosity towards customers who have a problem. Change the policy to improve customer service quality. Don’t hold back. Give generously when customers need you. Over time they will reward you.


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