Customer Service Improvement

Identify What Customers Want To Deliver Customer Service Quality

I decided to upgrade my website and contacted four developers to get opinions and quotations. What an unsettling experience that can teach a great lesson in customer service quality! The first developer spoke at length […]

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Smooth Out Upgrade Wrinkles With Customer Service Excellence

I recently upgraded the telephone system in our home and office. For the next two days everything about the phones went wrong: crossed lines, disconnected calls, non-working outlets, strange buzzing sounds. Only after two additional […]

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A Hard Taste From A Soft Drink Shows Lack Of Customer Service Skills

Thank you for your interest! This page has been moved to Please click the link below to read the blog. Click here Customer service skills can shine in the most unique situations. Unfortunately, many […]

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Improve Customer Satisfaction By Fixing Your Systems

Thank you for your interest! This page has been moved to Please click the link below to read the blog. Click here Does your company run like clockwork? Are your accountants pleased with how […]

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Improve Customer Service Quality To Become Referable

When your business demands word-of-mouth advertising to grow and thrive, it makes sense to improve customer service quality. Technical competence alone does not make you “referable,” no matter how good you are. My friend Treva […]

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Tweak Your System To Improve Customer Experience

The Disneyland Hotel recently tarnished Mickey’s reputation with an influential customer from Seattle. Mark stayed at a hotel inside the park with his family for three days. He attended a legal seminar while his family […]

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Take The Extra Step, Improve Customer Loyalty, Enjoy The Extra Business

Heather and Mark work at a leading attorneys’ office in Seattle. They order fresh ground coffee for the office every month, and sent me this comparison between two major coffee vendors that shows how effective […]

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20 Words To Build A Better Future And Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you want to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction or consistently enhance performance, ask your customers this question (20 words): “Is there anything we could do differently the next time that would make it better […]

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To Build Your Business, Improve Customer Loyalty

Consumer banking is a very competitive industry. Banks battle for market share with advertising, free gifts, lower charges, higher interest rates and more. So much energy and expense are spent attracting new business. But so […]

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